May 312016

Rae Gouirand     In one direction I thought elephants— trunks geometric, consistent, boxed.   Around those a border of phoenixes cascading from triangular forms.   All on a sea of red. For years I saw these   whenever I looked down and to the right; then I stopped entering the room.      

May 232016

Rae Gouirand     She wakes in the cool from her sound place beneath, her back   to me, and asks if I would please touch her back again,   just touch her, before she opens her eyes. As badly as she needs   to be touched, I thirst to be needed. We are no [Read here]

May 192016

  Milagros Green Lavalle   For those who grew up in Miami, Florida, they may instantly find themselves back in the Sunshine state with a new perspective of its beaches and canals that snake throughout neighborhoods. Florida children may remember their own encounters with various dangerous reptiles and strange pets, as well as memories of [Read here]

May 122016

Kevin Welch   Viet Thanh Nguyen’s Vietnam War novel, The Sympathizer (Grove Press), takes a unique approach revealing itself as a North Vietnamese Army spy’s forced confession to his commandant upon returning to Vietnam from a lengthy stay in America. Through the course of the confession, The Sympathizer brings forth a multitude of dualities the [Read here]

Jan 152016

Justin Mundhenk   Too often the Appalachian experience—like so many marginalized American experiences—is trivialized and caricatured, and unfortunately, the literary world is no stranger to such practices. Local color writing introduced 19th-century Americans to the hillbilly bumpkin, a stereotype that pervades popular culture to this day. And thanks to Deliverance, Appalachia is also thought of [Read here]