May 282017

John Newlin     Most people of my generation know about Pearl Harbor only what they’ve seen on television newsreels—bombs falling on battleships in the harbor and destroying planes lined up at Hickam Field on the December 7, 1941; the US Navy and Army Air Force caught asleep at the switch that fateful Sunday morning.  [Read here]

Jan 262017

Katie Piccirillo Sherman     The New York Times recently revealed that 74 percent of Trump supporters advocate barring Muslims from the United States. This shocking statistic alone highlights the relevance of Greg Hrbek’s newest novel, Not on Fire but Burning. As CBS News revealed, “It’s impossible to read Hrbeck’s new speculative fiction [released in [Read here]

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Jan 182017

LeeAnn Celapino     Caitlin, a rather peculiar 12 year-old living with her single mother in Seattle, keeps company with the fishes at her local aquarium. Her mother, loving and determined, works long hours as a laborer just for the two of them to live paycheck-to-paycheck. She hopes that one day they’ll be able to [Read here]

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Jan 112017

Erin Fannin     Eric Faye’s novel Nagasaki delves into the mindset of Shimura, a middle aged Japanese man, as he deals with an unexpected guest in his house. The story begins when Shimura notices that his food starts to go missing and Faye expertly explores the fear and paranoia that this discovery brings out [Read here]

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Jan 102017

Ellen Hughes     Patrick Modiano’s Paris Nocturne starts with recalling a nighttime collision between a sea-green Fiat and the quiet, loner narrator who is crossing Place des Pyramides. The car snagged the man’s leg, careened through an arcade, and then, when the beautiful blonde driver stumbled out of the car, she and the narrator [Read here]

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Dec 282016

Angela Raper     “All this leads me to the conclusion that with people, it’s just the same: just because you’re uncultivated doesn’t mean you’re not cultivable. You just need to stumble on the right gardener.” – Germain Chazes In Soft in the Head, Marie-Sabine Roger tells the story of an unlikely friendship that develops [Read here]

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Dec 232016

Gwen Holt     Mary Gaitskill’s newest novel, The Mare, is a sensitive exploration of class, love, and strength born from damage. It revolves around the polar worlds of Ginger and Paul, an artsy couple from upstate New York, and Velveteen Vargas, a Dominican girl living in Brooklyn with her brother and mother. Ginger, a [Read here]

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Dec 072016

Mackinley Greenlaw     You’d assume that a story called The Man in a Hurry would be an exercise in efficiency—a flash-seared piece of meat with the fat trimmed, and the garnish minimized.  But, you probably assume a lot.  You assume you can drive through that yellow light without some bozo turning left into you.  [Read here]

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